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We'd like this page to be the best internet source for practical, useful and free material on change management approaches and frameworks. To this end, we  are working on obtaining permission to publish additional content, and in particular would like to extend the scope of this section to include Whole System Change approaches. Watch this space...

At present however, we can offer you the original Change Management Toolbook as a PDF download:





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The Original Change Management Toolbook by Holger Nauheimer - an often cited, comprehensive web handbook for change facilitation in a general context, with embedded tools (these have also been packaged separately and can be downloaded from our Tools section).



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Building on the initial work by Holger Nauheimer, contributors from all over the world are now adding to the rich content that you can find here.

The Change Management Toolbook is curated by  ChangeWright Consulting Pty Ltd, a specialist change management consulting firm.
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