About our change management blogs

We will continue to seek out contributions from carefully selected bloggers to bring you interesting, informative, and useful (and also hopefully occasionally challenging and contentious!) content.

We have created five categories to help you find your way to whatever content may be of interest to you:

Change management tools and methods - Here we try to keep it practical: Sharing new tools, step by step “how to” descriptions and tips and tricks, methodology discussions.

Change management case studies - Real-life case studies and recommended actions – names and incidental details have been changed to protect the innocent (or sometimes not so innocent)!

Recommended change management books - Good change management books that we have read and can recommend to you.

Thoughts on change management - Musings, philosophical meanderings, interesting thoughts and “what-ifs” related to the fascinating art and science of change management.

Leadership – There is no effective change management without effective leadership. In this category you can read leadership articles that relate to leadership in general and also specifically to change leadership.

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